Jeff Parks Pickleball Classic

Jeff Parks Pickleball Classic



  • This event is being held at the Spring Hill EnVision Center
  • Men’s, Women’s & Mix Doubles
  • Double Elimination
  • Contact Sara Nord if you have any questions – 502-457-4606 or at

Matches will consist of just one game to 15 points and must win by 2. Players will switch sides after one team gets to 8 points, and the game will then continue to its conclusion.

Serving in Doubles:  At the start of each new game, only one player on the first serving team is allowed a service turn before. Thereafter both members of each team will have a service turn before the ball is turned over to the opposing team.

* In doubles, the player on the right at the start of a service turn will be the first person to serve for their team and will continue to serve until he or she does not win a point. Then his or her partner will serve until he or she does also does not win a point. Then it is the other teams turn to serve. • When the serving team scores a point, the server moves to the other side of the serving team’s court. The receiving team should never switch sides.

Serving: A player or team can only score points when serving. The serve must be underhand with the ball contacted below the waist. Serves must travel diagonally and land between the non-volley zone and the baseline of the service court opposite of the serving player. Each player is allowed only one serving attempt unless it is a “let” serve. A let serve occurs when the serve hits the net and still lands in the correct service court. If this occurs, the serve is played over. Each player will continue to serve until he does not win a point. Players must announce the score prior to serving. Always call the servers score first!

A complete set of rules may be obtained from the United States of America Pickle ball Association on their web site (

Event Details

October 3rd and 4th, 2020

Spring Hill EnVision Center

1423 Bates-Bowyer Ave, Jeffersonville, IN 47130

$20 per player + free shirt!
*Two Game 


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Jeff Parks Pickleball Classic

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