Home of Champions

Home of Champions

Nomination Information and Instructions

In many cities, there are people who have given of themselves to make their world and community a better place to live. The City of Jeffersonville would like to honor these distinguished individuals and recognize their achievements on the City’s Home of Champions Wall, located at Big Four Station Park in downtown Jeffersonville. We trust residents and visitors to Jeffersonville will view these inductees as people worthy of emulation.

The Home of Champions Committee is composed of designated City employees and community leaders. Inductees will be chosen by this committee on a yearly basis from applications received from the public. A formal induction ceremony will be held yearly in the fall.

Categories for Induction

  1. Athletics
  2. Civic Accomplishment
  3. Military/Government
  4. Philanthropy
  5. Professional
  6. Public Service


Applications are available in the Jeffersonville Parks and Recreation Department website. The submission deadline for consideration is June 1. A nominee will be considered yearly for up to 3 years. Selected nominees will be notified by August 1. An application should include accomplishments, not just involvement or a list of winning titles. Outcomes and added value of the contribution and achievement should be included with the application along with details of the experience. It should be identified how the event and accomplishment helped improve Jeffersonville or positively influenced or contributed to the well-being of our society or community.

Criteria for Nomination: Nominee must have attended:

Jeffersonville High School; or been a resident of Jeffersonville for a minimum of 5 years.

Athletic nominee must have been;

An active participant in a sport for at least 5 years or completed 5 full seasons of coaching; and be at least 50 years of age.

Qualifications: An applicant should be free of any felonious convictions and be willing to complete a comprehensive background check. The applicant should also be successful in his/her field of endeavors as determined by the selection committee and as demonstrated by:

  1. Accomplishment worthy enough to be shared as an example of a “Success Model”.
  2. Personal characteristics recognized by society as acceptable, appropriate, and worthy enough to be acknowledged as a “Role Model” or positive influence to others.
  3. Participation and significant contribution in community organizations or community service.
  4. High School College/National honors, recognition or activities.
  5. Military Accommodations/honors .


PROCESS: A completed online nomination form should be submitted along with:

  1. A Letter of Recommendation highlighting the accomplishments of the nominee
  2. Three references
  3. Pertinent additional information (newspaper clippings, articles, etc.)


Forward the above documents by any of the following methods:

Email: Parksinfo@cityofjeff .net with Subject line: Home of Champions and list Submission name

Fax: 812-285-6481- Attention: Parks Director

Mail: Parks and Recreation