Jeffersonville City Partners

Mission Statement
  • Understand the recreational & entertainment needs of the City of Jeffersonville, its Parks & The People.
  • Identify the wants and needs of the people while working to make Jeffersonville Indiana the place they are proud to call home.
  • Identify & bring exciting City sponsored events to the people of Jeffersonville with a continued focus on family fun & entertainment in a safe growing environment.
  • Partner with local businesses to assure together we make Jeffersonville Indiana a safe, educational, entertaining place to raise a family through local special events and a community that prides itself on maintaining a great City.
City Partners

City Partner Focus

Focus on growing & supporting the City of Jeffersonville by partnering with the great businesses & people that make up the community.

Focus to partner with local businesses to assure that the same brands & businesses that the people of Jeffersonville are supporting everyday have an opportunity to give back by supporting great City organized events through sponsorships & private funding in our attempt to:

  • Support & Grow our offering of events.
  • Provide Support in our attempt to market these great events to the community.
  • Contribute to the expansion & maintenance of current City Parks Services & Events.
  • Make known through marketing & other advertising & PR outlets the generous Businesses that Partner with the City of Jeffersonville to give back to our great community & make it a wonderful place to Live, Learn, Work, Entertain, Enjoy & Raise a Family!
  • Contact City Partnership Coordinator Dave Simpson at 502-963-2499 or