Parks & Art: We’re Coloring the City with Opportunities!

You may or may not have heard that the City of Jeffersonville recently received $1 million in funding from the Clark-Floyd Counties Convention and Tourism Bureau and the Arts and Cultural District (ACD) that will stem from this generosity. Well, the Parks Department is excited to expand your knowledge as to all the amazing things that are coming to Jeffersonville thanks to this new effort.

The work that will occur for and around the ACD will be a collaborative effort across the city’s departments, primarily the Public Arts Commission, Redevelopment, Parks and City Council. This will be driven by community gatherings to brainstorm and decided on efforts that will maximize the program’s potential. Dawn Spyker, Jeffersonville’s Public Art Administrator, is looking forward to the opportunities that the ACD represents.

“An Arts & Cultural District usually has similar “ingredients” around the country but very different “recipes”. Every community is different and each community decides the management, programming and needs of the area differently. We (the City) are very excited to plan this with our community rather than for our community.”

But what does art have to do with parks? Quite a bit, actually!

Our employees have installed many of the pieces that are already spread throughout the community and we’re looking to increase this work as we add on. Public Art initiatives are going to be an ongoing process that will continue to make Jeffersonville beautiful. These include, but are not limited to: utility box mini mural paintings, an art piece at Fisherman’s Wharf, the Floodwall Murals and more.

Additionally, we’ll be hosting Shakespeare in the Park (Julius Caesar) at Big 4 Station in May. We’ve also implemented a huge number of artistic elements to Steamboat Nights! There’s going to be a Chalk Walk where creators of all ages will receive a backpack of chalk, water, local coupons, etc. and be provided a space to make your own designs. Demonstrations in sand sculpting, graffiti, chalk and shadow puppets will be available for viewing throughout the weekend’s events. You’ll even be able to make sculptural lanterns with guided instruction for the Saturday night Community Lantern Parade!

Paul Northam, our Parks & Rec Director, shared his thoughts about all this new art.

“It’s amazing seeing the effect that Arts and Culture has on the community. People love that Jeffersonville isn’t just another town; there’s always something new to do or look at. Being able to bring the art into the parks like we’ve been doing, and being able to expand on that, I can’t think of a better way to incorporate the two.”

For more information about Public Art for the City of Jeffersonville, visit and be sure to like them on Facebook to keep up with all the new opportunities in Jeff!