The Jeffersonville RiverStage is not a secret venue by any means. You can see the floating stage from the other side of the Ohio River and hear the music from blocks away on Friday nights in the summer. But whereas this was once a local treat, nearly exclusive to Jeffersonvillians, the RiverStage has become a sought after place to perform and spectate for people all over the region.

The noticeably growing crowds, sometimes even reaching parts of the Big 4 bridge, are emblematic of Jeffersonville’s role in the area’s bustling music scene.

The Coca-Cola Summer Concert Series packs the Jeffersonville riverfront each week in the summer and Papa John’s Jeff Goes Country breaks its own attendance records year after year. Adding to the already budding music scene, Jeffersonville hosted Abbey Road on the River in 2017. Once again this Memorial Day Weekend, Jeffersonville, Indiana will host the world’s largest Beatles tribute music festival. See Abbey Road on the River 2018.

Jeffersonville in the summer is now the place to be for local bands and the Parks Department recognizes that. On the 24th of February, Audition Showcase local bands will be given a chance to show their stuff at a private showcase for a chance to grace the coveted RiverStage this summer.

This audition showcase is a testament to two very important things: that the Parks Department works year-round to ensure that the Summer Concert Series never disappoints on any given Friday, and that the best bands in the area are clamoring to play in Jeffersonville.