Rec Report: Partners Make It Possible!

Jeffersonville Goes Country, the Coca-Cola Summer Concert & Twilight Cinema Series, Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt, the Ice Rink, Halloween Downtown – these are just a few of the major events that the City of Jeffersonville and we here at the Parks Department put on throughout the year. From the beginning of the year until the very end, we strive to provide the community with opportunities to enjoy and connect. But have you ever stopped to wonder how we can put together so many?

The truth is that our City Partners make it possible.

City Partners (CPs) understand the recreational and entertainment wants and needs of the people of Jeffersonville, and sponsor these events and programs accordingly. Through their efforts, we’re able to provide you with all these fun avenues free of charge. Without them, you wouldn’t have the plethora of family-friendly and adult driven activities that you enjoy in the summer (and the rest of the year).

In addition to supporting our events, CPs contribute to the expansion and maintenance of current park services. Ever seen a field after a concert? It’s like a battle zone: trashcans are overflowing, the litter strangles what little greenery is left to stick out amid a pit of mud, and the restrooms are a toxic waste environment. As you may have noticed, cleanliness is a point of pride for us at the Parks Department. City Partner contributions assist us in continuing to make Jeffersonville a beautiful place. Our facilities are regularly cleaned, landscaping is maintained, and we were even able to increase the number of restrooms this past season to the River Stage.

There’s no such thing as too small of a business to be part of the amazing things we’re doing! At this moment, we have 45 City Partners. They range from large businesses such as Coca-Cola, Monarch Beverage, Papa John’s Louisville, to local owned and operated businesses like MAC Construction,  Coyle Chevrolet Buick GMC, Clark Memorial, Geo. Pfau’s Sons Co., Inc. and Comfy Cow. So, if you’re interested in supporting the Parks Department and the city at large, contact Dave Simpson at

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