Rec Report: Summer Safety Tips

Even though it’s recently been in the 70’s, Summer is right around the corner! The Aquatic Center opens at the end of the month, sign-ups for summer programs are being taken, and school is winding down. But all this potential fun calls for a refresher on how to stay safe in the warmer weather. (We’ll keep it short and sweet – promise)!

Water really is the name of the game!

It’s scary to think about but water can be a dangerous factor regardless of your age. The Jeffersonville Aquatic Center boosts a zero depth entry family play pool, yet we’re no strangers to having to jump in due to a slip or inattentive eye. Remember to always keep your children within easy reach (if just learning to swim) or visual site. Drowning is still one of the most common causes of accidental death in children, so being able to swim is an essential life-saving skill. That’s why we’re also happy to offer swim lessons for ages 3 – 12 starting in June! Registration and additional information will be available around June 1st.

Adults should be wary of water incidents as well, however. Because of the added risk of alcohol and night access, those more mature in age are just as likely (if not more likely) to be involved in an aquatic incident – rather it be in a pool, quarry or boat related. And while we want you to be safe around water, we want to remind you that you definitely need lots of water!

That wiped out feeling you get after a fun day in the pool? That’s not all physical activity; most likely, a good portion of that is dehydration. You can become dehydrated before you know it, especially when hanging out around a body of water, because you’re not conscious of the fact that your body is continuously loosing fluid. Whether you’re basking on an innertube or glad for the cool breeze coming off the Ohio River during a concert at the RiverStage, it’s important to drink plenty.

If you’re not one to carry your own water bottle, be sure to purchase one from an on location vender or find a drinking fountain nearby. Good drinking habits can keep you from experiencing heat exhaustion, general fatigue, and can help you keep your summer glow longer by hydrating your skin. Not a huge water fan? Try eating fruits and vegetables like watermelon, leefy greens, berries and oranges to mix it up.

But the wet stuff isn’t the only thing you have to consider!

The sun is also a huge factor that hits close to home! In fact, two in five people don’t protect themselves from the sun when they’re not on vacation. Our minds automatically think beach = sun = sunburn: remedy sunscreen. This type of thinking opens you up to the ever dreaded sunburn, as well as the long term fear of melanoma, though. Luckily, 93% of UVB rays can be blocked with SPF 15 sunscreen; why yes, that is the minimum blockage you can get at the drug store. Remember to also protect your lips and the top of your head as these are the most often forgot. And, let’s be honest, very little is worse than sun burnt lips and/or a peeling, tender scalp.

For those of you with children, remember that you should not apply sunscreen to infants under six months. They should be covered as much as possible, with a hat, and placed in well shaded areas away from harmful rays. Children older than this should have sunscreen of a higher SPF applied to their skin at least 30 minutes before going out so that there’s time for it to bond to their skin and should be reapplied approximately every two hours. (A hat is also highly recommended)!

So whether you’re in or out of the water and sun, please Summer responsibly!