Rec Report: What’s the Point in 2017?

Have you ever stopped to ask, “What is the point of a Parks Department?” Surely, all we do is mow and maintain the landscapes, and perhaps take care of the parks’ trash if the City doesn’t have it built into their waste management plan. The truth is that we here at the Jeffersonville Parks Department do a great many things to help ensure that Jeffersonville is a sustainable community.

What’s that? We’re glad you asked!

A sustainable community is an entity that is economically, environmentally and socially healthy. So, with 34 parks and facilities within 34.35 square miles, we’ve got a lot of ground to cover. That’s why the Parks Department strives to provide the highest quality of parks, recreational services and green space to enhance the quality of life in Jeffersonville. And there’s a lot to look forward to as 2017 progresses!

The first thing you can look forward to this year is easier access to all things parks & rec. As you can see, we’ve updated our website so that you can easily seek out your favorite parts of our department — parks, sports, the Jeffersonville Aquatic Center, RiverStage, events and more. Our home page is also integrated with our Facebook feed and additional park news so that anything you need is right at your fingertips.

We’ve also upped our social media presence! You can now follow us on Facebook, Instagram and our newly created Twitter! In fact, if you follow us on Twitter between now and January 31st, you’ll be entered for a chance to win a single season pass to the Aquatic Center (must be a Floyd or Clark County resident to win)! You’ll also notice several contests will happen throughout the year through our social media outlets, so be sure to check back so you never miss an opportunity.

You can also look forward to this monthly blog which will highlight different things going on with the Parks Department, including but not limited to: Best parks to safely view Thunder over Louisville, Summer Safety Tips for your Pooch, Adult Health, a Halloween Cheat Sheet and much more. You’ll notice that we’ve got some amazing events coming your way as well!

For the first time ever, Abbey Road on the River will be held on the Indiana side of the river! We’re proud to announce that we’ve worked with the City of Jeffersonville and SoIn Tourism to bring you this Beatles celebration at the Big 4 Station Park, RiverStage and Fisherman’s Wharf. This event will be Memorial Day Weekend and tickets are currently available. But in the immortal words of Uncle Ben, “With great power comes great responsibility.”

With all the amazing things happening this year, we wanted to do something else that’s different and ask for your help. As we said, part of the point of a parks department is to provide you with a socially and environmentally healthy community. Jeffersonville is our home and we know you’re just as proud of it as we are. That’s why we’ll be announcing beautification days come Spring! We invite you to come out and get your hands dirty right alongside us! These volunteer hours are great for individuals, clubs and organizations such as the Boy and Girl Scouts, IUS Greek life, family engagement, church outings and college applications.

Whether you’re looking to find the best kept secrets of Jeffersonville, want to keep up with all the latest parks & rec information, or are ready and waiting for a chance to roll up your sleeves, we’ve got something for everyone in 2017! So…what’s the point of the Jeffersonville Parks Department? The point is that we are here for you, to help make this community the best it can be and to continue to support the environment however possible.



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